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What is an Equipment Financing Broker?

Owning and operating a business of your own is a big responsibility that comes with certain risks and difficulties. If you find yourself in need of financing but don’t know where to turn, there are options that may be able to help, depending upon your needs.

Perhaps you are facing economic hardship. Or, maybe you are trying to expand your company’s current operations but don’t have the right equipment to do so. In both of these circumstances, you may benefit from employing the services of an equipment finance broker. These professionals can step in and help you navigate the complicated process of securing funding for the tools and machinery you require to run your business.

What Is an Equipment Finance Broker?

The purpose of an equipment finance broker is to act as the middleman to help you find short-term loan solutions to lease or purchase the tools your business needs to do the job. They work with small and medium-sized businesses to improve your chances of getting approved.

Who Needs a Broker and In What Circumstances?

Any small business can use the services of a broker to help them when they need financing for tools and equipment. And any type of tools, machinery, and other items that you need to run your business qualify for this kind of financing. Good candidates are businesses that:

  • Want to expand their current operations.
  • Need extra funding to make payments for their equipment.
  • Wish to purchase additional tools or machinery immediately, without waiting for previous project invoices to be paid in full.

An equipment finance broker can help you to acquire the capital that you need when you need it, so your business can continue to operate as it should to become a success.

Benefits of Using an Equipment Finance Broker

Brokers are an efficient way to match up with the right lenders and equipment manufacturers. Here are some of the greatest benefits offered:

  • Receive the help you need to qualify for a loan you otherwise would not be eligible for.
  • Take advantage of the broker’s existing connections, relationships, and familiarity with manufacturers and lenders to help you build your own relationships.
  • Be presented with options from multiple lenders to secure the best interest rates and flexible loan terms.
  • Tap their expert knowledge to answer all of your questions.
  • Utilize the industry-specific knowledge that they hold.
  • Your broker will already be familiar with both the market and your needs, so you don’t need to learn about each new potential lender you are matched with.
  • Brokers present your business in the best light while negotiating on your behalf.

Once you select a broker to work with, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. Let them guide you through the process and help you find the perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions on Terms and Qualifications

As a potential client, you may be wondering how the terms of financing are structured, or what you need to do to qualify. A broker can address your specific needs and guide you through the entire process, but here are a few basic points.


Equipment financing deals with short-term loans. You will receive the capital you need and will be expected to pay the full amount back, plus interest, over a fixed term of regular payments. You and your finance broker should discuss your risk level as there are consequences for failure to repay the loan according to the agreement you made. Furthermore, you can have your assets repossessed or forfeit the collateral that you offered to secure the loan.

You may be able to work with multiple lenders through your broker, who offer varying amounts of funding to purchase all the equipment that you need.


Your equipment finance broker will work closely with you to determine your eligibility and what you can afford. Together you can decide if it is best to lease the equipment for a short time or make a purchase. You can buy both new and used tools with the financing you are approved for.

Your broker will help you to figure out exactly what you need to keep your business running, or to expand without taking on high costs upfront. They will likely evaluate the state of your business such as how long you have been in operation, what your average revenue is, your creditworthiness, and the property and assets you have that can be used as collateral.

The Advantage of Working With Your Finance Partners

You must carefully evaluate the knowledge, skills, and reputation of the equipment finance broker that you choose to work with. An excellent choice is Your Finance Partners. They have an easy application process and convenient online platform that you can use while relying on their superior client support team through each step.

Your questions and concerns will be welcomed and taken seriously, as you are provided with expert advice and suggestions to make sense of the application and lending process while you select the services that are best for your company’s needs.

Your Finance Partners value small businesses for the role they play in the community and larger economic growth. Whether you are hoping to expand your operations in the future or need assistance to weather an economic crisis, the expert team at Your Finance Partners will help you to connect with choice lenders to get the funding best suited for your needs.

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